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Units 1-5: Getting started with objects (340 pages)
Unit 1: Introducing objects
Unit 2: Object concepts
Unit 3: Data types and variables
Unit 4: Methods and messages
Unit 5: Selection and iteration
Extra: Solutions to exercises

Units 6-8: Inheritance and how to program (235 pages)
Unit 6: Subclassing and inheritance
Unit 7: How work gets done
Unit 8: Errors, exceptions and debugging
Extra: Solutions to exercises

Units 9-12: Collections and file I/O (247 pages)
Unit 9: Arrays, strings and StringBuilder
Unit 10: Sets and maps
Unit 11: Sorted and ordered collections
Unit 12: Streams, files and persistence
Extra: Solutions to exercises

One extra book included in this package

Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 hours (441 pages)
Part 1 - Getting started
Part 2 - Learning the basics of programming
Part 3 - Working with information in new ways
Part 4 - Programming a Graphical User Interface
Part 5 - Moving into Advanced topics
Part 6 - Writing Internet applications

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