Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people buy second-hand material - can I get a discount when I take the course with the OU?

I have sent an enquiry to University Booksearch but have not had a reply.

I want to sell a course - Do I send the course material to the University Book Search?

How much does it cost to sell course material?

Will my name & e-mail address be displayed on the web-site?

What is my course material worth?

If I sell a course, who pays the postage?

How long will you advertise my course material on your web-site?

How will I get paid?

Is it worth selling discontinued Courses?

I wish to buy a course. Do you accept payment by credit card?

What happens if I am unhappy with the course material when it arrives?

I have clicked the 'Contact Seller' button but I have not received an answer or the e-mail was returned as address unknown.

I am not an Open University student. Can I buy course material?

I live abroad. Can I still use your service?

How many courses can I advertise in a six month registration period?

I have copies of my books and on-line material in a PDF format. Can I sell these on your web-site?

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