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My name is Jo Hunt and I started UNIVERSITY BOOK SEARCH in 1999 when my family and I found that our attic was groaning from the weight of OU course material that we added each year fully intending to read the material again when time was not so pressured.

Guessing that other students were in the same position I started the web-site for students to buy and sell second-hand course material and set books. It is exclusively for OU students and over the past years tens of thousands of books have found good homes throughout the world and the UK shelves and joists have given a sigh of relief!

As fellow Open University students, we aim to run a friendly, quick and efficient service that helps you buy or sell Open University course material and /or set books.

If you wish to buy material - it may be that you want to look at a course before you enrol, use those dark winter evenings after the exams to begin to get to grips with a new course you are starting next year or perhaps you just want to study for enjoyment and don't wish to take an exam. Whatever the reason University Book Search has a register of hundreds of different courses for sale, most current, some discontinued - just fill in your requirements and we will try to help.

It is easy to sell on the web-site. To sell your books there is a £5 registration fee which allows you to advertise up to 15 courses for six months. There are no further deductions or fees and your personal details will not appear on the web-site. When a potential purchaser reads your advert they click on 'Contact Seller' and having completed the form a direct e-mail is sent to you so that you can arrange payment.

I have a large store of course material that the OU have given me to sell on the web-site for the benefit of OUSET - over £210,000 has been raised so far - so if you can't find what you are looking for it may be worth sending me an email to enquire.

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